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Support through donation

Whether you are a loyal subscriber, visitor, occasional spectator or young enthusiast, your support counts.
Making a donation is a way to show your attachment to les Franciscaines, a unique opportunity to be personally associated with the cultural projects we carry.

Choosing to become a donor to les Franciscaines is...

  • Bringing its stone to the construction, the perpetuation of a Norman establishment of national and international scope.
  • Contribute to the cultural, tourist and economic dynamics of our territory.
  • To allow all audiences to access major exhibitions, live shows, the arts through demanding and popular programming, and numerous cultural activities (concerts, shows and mediation workshops...).
  • To encourage a voluntarist tariff policy (reduced rates for young people, students, unemployed and beneficiaries of social minima).
  • Commit to artistic creation, a major focus of Deauville's cultural programming for many years.
  • To promote social cohesion on the territory of the côte fleurie, with a project carried out collectively by volunteers and professionals each year during the various festivals.
  • Finally, it means supporting those who create the programming and reinforcing the sustainability of a team of professionals working all year round to create events for all.
  • And benefiting from a reduction in your income tax.

Your donation entitles you to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount paid within the limit of 20% of your taxable income or the real estate wealth tax (IFI) up to 75% of the donation within the limit of 50 000€.
For example, a donation of 100€ will only cost you 34€ after tax reduction, and a donation of 50€ will cost you 17€.

Everyone can contribute, whatever the amount of their donation,
And benefit from quid pro quo!

The Franciscans - Deauville thanks its benefactors.