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Companies, foundations: become a sponsor or partner

Philanthropy is growing strongly and we are witnessing a change in corporate behaviour. They are becoming more active in addressing major societal issues. They are taking action internationally, nationally or locally, depending on their size, because they are convinced that their influence is only possible in the long term if it also contributes to the better well-being of the community around them.
In this way, companies can become partners of les Franciscaines and be part of the societies that support through patronage an essential part of the cultural life of the territory.

Les Franciscaines is a Public Establishment of an Industrial and Commercial nature with public service missions of general interest. As such, it is eligible for cultural patronage. Cultural patronage is simple to implement: donation in cash, in kind or in competence. Your company or foundation can become a committed player thanks to financial contributions, provision of goods, technical or material means, services, mobilisation of employees' know-how, etc.

Why become a sponsor, what are the stakes for your company?

  • Being a patron of les Franciscaines is a source of mutual enrichment.

It means encouraging synergies between our know-how and developing the Corporate Social Responsibility policy by integrating your company into its social, cultural and human environment.

  • Being a sponsor has a positive influence on your internal management

You involve your employees in a rewarding project, you strengthen the cohesion of your teams by offering them a privileged moment in a renowned institution.

  • Being a sponsor means strengthening your external communication policy.

You share highlights with your partners and clients when privatizing spaces, shows or special meetings with our cultural directors, and you benefit from Deauville's reputation for communication.

  • Being a patron means strengthening your social relations on the local territory with your counterparts and forging close links with other patrons.
  • Being a sponsor means benefiting from numerous advantages.

Choose the use of your donation in favour of the project that is close to your heart.

  • Supporting a major exhibition means participating in the development and enrichment of the collections, or enabling the restoration of works.
  • Supporting a cultural project or event such as the Planche(s) Contact or Livres & Musiques festivals.
  • Supporting an audience: it means making possible an accessibility policy for all audiences, or enriching cultural mediation, educational and multimedia projects.

An incentive legislative framework

The law of August 1, 2003 relating to patronage, known as the "Aillagon law", created a very attractive tax system. It gives a reduction in corporate tax of 60% of the amount of the donation made in cash, 40% of donations in skill or in kind, within the limit of 0.5% of your annual turnover excluding tax.
It should be noted that patrons are subject to reporting obligations (article 238 bis-1 of the CGI, BOI 4 C-5-04, No. 112 of July 13, 2004, Decree 2004-185 of February 24, 2004).


This law authorizes counterparts in communication, public relations, or ticketing for your company. The value of these counterparts must remain in "marked disproportion" to the amount of the donation, capped at 25% of the amount of the donation. (Official Tax Bulletin (BOI) 4 C-2-00, No. 86 of May 5, 2000, and 4 C-5-04, No. 112 of July 13, 2004).

It can be tickets for shows, private visits to an exhibition, the provision of reception areas, the insertion of your logo on our communication documents, training courses for your employees or many other things to build together.

60% tax reduction + 25% in return = 85% overall advantage

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