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Getting involved with the Friends of the Museum association

The Association of Friends of the Deauville Museum is an independent association governed by the law of 1901. It has set itself the objective of accompanying the creation of the Franciscan Museum and its development with three main missions.

  • As a priority, to contribute to the enrichment of the collections of les Franciscaines by organizing the search for donations and the collection of funds for acquisitions; the Association will also finance acquisitions, the production of works and publications and any other action that can contribute to the development and prosperity of the place.
  • The Friends of the Museum may also facilitate partnerships or patronage.
  • Finally, it will also contribute to the enhancement of the events and activities of the site and may organize any event to enrich knowledge and nourish the artistic sensitivity of all: conferences, visits, trips.

Joining the Friends of the Musée de Deauville commits you to work alongside les Franciscaines, it's a common base of advantages:

  • A membership that associates you with the life of the museum.
  • Be invited to les Franciscaines' openings, conferences and debates.
  • Be the first to be informed of the activities of the museum and those of the association.
  • Receive the quarterly journal of the association.
  • To benefit from discounts on the activities of the association.
  • Benefit from a tax receipt entitling you to a tax reduction.

Several levels of commitment are proposed to open to the largest number of members.

Rejoindre les Amis du Musée de Deauville vous engage aux côtés des Franciscaines, c’est un socle commun d’avantages :


Une adhésion qui vous associe à la vie du musée.

Être invité aux vernissages des Franciscaines, aux conférences et débats.

Être les premiers informés des activités du musée et de celles de l’association.

Recevoir le journal trimestriel de l’association.

Bénéficier de réductions tarifaires sur les activités de l’association.

Bénéficier en outre d’un reçu fiscal ouvrant droit à réduction d’impôts. 


Plusieurs niveaux d’engagement sont proposés pour ouvrir au plus grand nombre de membres. 

If you have any questions:

Association of Friends of the Franciscan Museum
14, rue du Costil Pernet
14800 Saint-Arnoult