| Open from tuesday to sunday - 10.30 am to 6.30 pm |

Great Gallery


On entering the Grand Gallery, visitors discover a 9-metre high moving digital promenade that gives access to the 6 thematic universes of the place.

On this vertical fault, a gateway allows the junction between the different universes. Here, the visitor is an actor: thanks to the creation stations installed on the footbridge, the visitor will be able to live a unique digital experience, discovering images relating the cultural heritage of Deauville.

Thanks to the 8 viewing stations available to visitors: in the worlds of Deauville, the world of music, cinema, shows, the world of horses, the world of the arts de vivre and youth. All of the creative stations are connected to the broadcasting stations and video projectors that line the walkway.

Each visitor will become for a moment the curator of his or her exhibition by exploring the collections of les Franciscaines, and thus build the new history of the place.

Strolling along the footbridges, visitors will discover a real digital promenade on which the rooms of the thematic universes open. The large gallery comes alive and visitors continue their digital experience by exploring the rich collections of 50,000 documents on display.

A l’occasion des privatisations des espaces, la grande galerie s’habille aux couleurs de votre événement et tous ces écrans qui la parcourent racontent également votre propre histoire.