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Learn, do and share


Naïade Plante

Learn, do and share

The Fablab des Franciscaines is a local manufacturing laboratory open to all, with access to digital manufacturing tools (3D printers, laser cutting machine...). It is a gateway to the world of manufacturing.
The place is dedicated to prototyping, to the discovery of the fields of digital (manufacturing, programming, robotics...) and of the maker culture. The emphasis is on exchange, mutual aid and sharing.

The Fablab des Franciscaines is equipped according to the recommendations of the Fablab Charter with the following machines:
3D printers - Laser cutting machine - Digital milling machines - Hot wire cutting machine - Hot press - Sublimation printer - Cutting Plotters - Digital embroidery machine

The place is animated throughout the year around several formats:


Open to all

A day dedicated to the discovery of Fablab and the development of collective projects.


Mini Makers

8-14 years old

2-hour themed workshops on digital manufacturing.


Instructions for use

Adults and young people from 14 years of age

Training slots (for 3 people) on the Fablab machines allowing them to use them independently during the Makertime slots.



Adults and young people from 14 years of age

Machine reservation slots offering the possibility to use the machines autonomously. All under the supervision and guidance of the Fabmanager.


Makers Workshops

Adults and young people From 16 years of age

Day-long manufacturing workshops focused on the realization of an object.


Maker Birthday

From 8 years old

A 2-hour "anniversary" format with several themes.

The place also has the mission to convey the values of open-source, free software, data protection and privacy. The Fabmanager, Quentin Laloux ensures the permanence of the place. Trained in applied arts, design and digital technology, his role is to support users but also to animate the place, to build projects, to prototype solutions, to facilitate access to the machines and finally to be the privileged interface with the community of makers.

Contact: fabmanager@lesfranciscaines.fr


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Fab Manager

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