| Open from tuesday to sunday - 10.30 am to 6.30 pm |

Exhibition Grounds


Les Franciscaines have a large room on the ground floor dedicated to temporary exhibitions. With a surface area of 616 m², this space is structured with arcades that define a gallery encircling the central space. Modular and modern, this exhibition room allows the scenography and lighting to be adapted to suit exhibition projects. Benefiting from a high ceiling height, the space receives daylight through a skylight whose opening can be controlled.

The inaugural exhibition of les Franciscaines

The scenographic objective of the inaugural exhibition is to metamorphose the exhibition courtyard, to adapt it to the desired chrono-thematic itinerary, to optimize the conditions of conservation of the works on loan, while guaranteeing mediation and understanding of the visitors who will have to live a real immersive experience. The exhibition proposes to follow the metamorphosis of the idea of "paradise" in the history of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures.