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André Museum Hamburg

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The Musée André Hambourg invites you to discover the life and work of this artist who adopted Normandy and more particularly Deauville as a place of inspiration. The inaugural chronological and thematic tour presents 121 works (paintings, drawings, photographs from the Hamburg collection).

Artists from the end of the 19th and 20th centuries are also presented, thanks to exceptional loans of works: Auguste Renoir, Eugène Boudin, André Derain, Eugène Atget, Tsugouharu Foujita, Kees Van Dongen, Albert Marquet and Pablo Picasso. These loans provide a context for the work of André Hambourg in the history of 20th century French art.


The Musée André Hambourg, the central space of les Franciscaines, presents the collections transmitted by Mrs Nicole Hambourg to the City of Deauville from 2011 as well as works from national institutions, requested on loan in order to allow the public to enter into the heart of the creation of this prolific painter in the artistic context of the 20th century. Through an annual rotation of the collections, visitors will discover the multiple inspirations, artistic periods, countries and themes addressed by André Hamburg.

With a surface area of 271 m², the Museum André Hamburg has two rooms on two levels, organized around a central staircase. A space dedicated to the projection of a biographical film made specifically for the place allows the visitor to set the pace of the visit. Three seating areas combined with multimedia terminals complete the visit and invite visitors to deepen their knowledge of the work of André Hamburg, the museum's collections and works on loan.

Access to the terminals is via two entrances: one chronological, allowing visitors to associate the life and work of André Hamburg with the artistic and historical environment of the 20th century, and the other geographical, presenting the many destinations painted by the artist. A large part of the works in the collection of the Museum André Hamburg as well as the works on loan are presented and commented on.
The discovery of the Museum André Hamburg is accompanied by a rich and diversified program: daily guided tours, workshops for young people, school sessions, mediation programs for families and groups, and invitations to experts and art historians for conferences.

The Museum's intention is to combine the exhibition spaces with a chrono-thematic itinerary, to optimize the conditions of conservation of the works while ensuring that visitors, through mediation and scenography, have easy access to knowledge, so that they experience a real immersion in the work of André Hamburg and more broadly in the artistic context of the 20th century.

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