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Celebrate your children's birthdays

Looking for an original and fun way to celebrate your child's birthday? Come celebrate it at les Franciscaines! We offer, among a choice of 7 themes, adapted to children from 6 to 12 years old, animated activities, a visit of the premises and a festive time lasting 3 hours to have fun, learn and enjoy a snack in the company of our animator. We provide the invitation cards according to the theme of the party.

Mission Creation!

During one afternoon, your child and his friends will transform themselves into visual artists or filmmakers. Together, they will learn how to be truly creative while having fun.
The Franciscan mediation team invites you to choose among these activities :
- Collective fresco (6-12 years old): with different techniques such as painting or collage, children create an imaginary world together.
- Make your own horse (6-12 years): each child assembles his or her racehorse, which moves forward thanks to a rubber band motor.
- Green background (8-12 years old): after drawing an imaginary place, each child is embedded in his own drawing.
- Apprentice director (8-12 years old): using a video editing table, create with your friends a short film based on the works of les Franciscaines and fantastic characters from famous books.

Factory at the FabLab!

Children experiment with many technological tools and take up challenges inspired by the Franciscan collections!

Our FabManager offers you:

  • Make your own object (8-12 years old): using the laser cutter, make and personalize an object (jewellery, trunk, vehicle, sculpture, sword...).
  • Make your ownrobot (8-12 years old): learn how to use the micro:bit card and how to program a robot. Add your touch with the laser cutter.
  • Make your ownvideo game (8-12 years old): discover programming with Scratch and make your own video game.

Be creative, be collaborative!

Practical information

  • Duration: 3 hours - Animation & visit occupy the children 2 hours
  • When: During school periods, Wednesdays and Saturdays. During school holidays every day (except Sunday).
  • Rate: On request - including the file fees, the personalized invitation, the presence of the mediator, the room for the snack, the material.
  • For children between 6 and 12 years old
  • Gauge 12 children
  • The children are accompanied by a guide during the whole afternoon.
  • However, we ask for the presence of parents who will accompany the children (1 accompanying parent minimum obligatory and 2 from 10).
  • A snack (food, drinks, dishes) is to be provided by the parents or to be ordered in addition.
  • Reservation is compulsory 3 weeks before the desired date (form below).

The teams of les Franciscaines are at your service.

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