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Open the doors of les Franciscaines

The restoration of the stained glass windows of La Chapelle

Naïade Plante

The chapel's stained glass windows, listed in the general heritage inventory, have been restored and rested. They give back a powerful light in this place where the shows will be performed. Damaged glass has been repaired and all the compositions have been carefully cleaned.

With a life span of about 100 years, the lead frames have been renewed. Made around 1890 and offered to the congregation of les Franciscaines by an anonymous benefactor, these stained glass windows were all made in the workshop of the glass painters Duhamel-Marette d'Evreux.

Their iconography takes up the episodes of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, whose rules are respected by les Franciscaines. The monumental stained glass window, previously installed in the choir of the chapel and representing Saint Francis of Assisi marrying Lady Poverty, was returned to les Franciscaines and installed in the chapel of their new establishment near the convent.

At the opening of les Franciscaines in March 2020, a play of light will enhance these pieces of glass so that they can be easily contemplated.

dimanche 29 janvier 2023

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